Jersey Origins is a consulting business offering
Jersey Pedigree Research and Historical Interpretation to those who own or are interested in Jersey Cattle.  Our services are particularly well-suited to the serious breeder who may wish to be aware of an animal's extended pedigree as well as its genetic index when planning matings.

Although we are USA-based, we increasingly include Registered Jerseys™ from various national herd books around the globe in our pedigree database, which now includes over 44,000 individual animal entries from six countries. 

Included in our services are extended pedigree presentations (up to 6 complete ancestral generations printed on a single page), as well as the researching of ancestry back to historical importations and beyond.  Our database, maintained on commercial pedigree software, has the capacity to calculate the inbreeding coefficient of any animal on whom we have ancestry entered, as well as prepare lists of descendants,  in addition to presenting extended pedigrees in various formats.

As the global Jersey community becomes more the source of genetic input for herds worldwide (through the movement of frozen semen and frozen embryos in addition to the traditional international movement of live cattle) and individual breeders merchandise cattle from their own herds in this setting, we welcome the opportunity to present "multi-national" Jersey pedigrees to supplement those available from the respective national herd registries.  We also research the "people side" of extended Jersey pedigrees, documenting the ownership of Jersey cow families through succeeding generations of human families.

Examples of our work, and the fee schedule for projects you may wish to have completed are available by request--postal, email, or telephone (see contact information below).

Your suggestions for additional services we might offer our clients, and for improvements to this site, are also most welcome (click on the email link in the contact area below).  Acknowledging that many dairy operations are in rural areas with limited and slow Internet access, we are deliberately keeping this site simple in design with minimal graphics in the layout.

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To contact us:

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